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Browse CanadianSpecs' eyeglasses and prescription glasses. Choose from a variety of styles and make buying glasses online easy and fun in Canada.

Where to get eyeglasses in Canada?

CanadianSpecs.com can save you hundreds of dollars when purchasing prescription glasses online. We offer a variety of styles, as well as multiple lens options, at an affordable price — without compromising the quality of your glasses! On top of that, we provide a 365-Day Guarantee and a 14-Day Free Returns policy.

How long do prescription glasses take to arrive?

Expect to wait 7–10 business days to get new prescription glasses following your eye exam, though quicker turnaround times are possible (especially with expedited shipping). And remember, once you get your prescription from an eye exam, you can use it to order glasses at any optical retailer (online or in person).

What is the highest prescription for glasses?

Nearsightedness is categorized into mild, moderate, high, and extreme:
Mild: -0.50 to -3.
Moderate: -3.25 to -5.00.
High: -5.25 to -10.
Extreme: greater than 10.

What happens if you wear the wrong prescription glasses for too long?

Wearing the wrong prescription for a prolonged period can cause eye strain, resulting in pain around and behind the eye. People often compare this pain to a headache.

How do I know if my eye prescription is wrong?

Signs of an Incorrect Glasses Prescription: Headache or dizziness. Blurry vision. Trouble focusing. Poor vision when one eye is closed.

How to buy prescription glasses online?

The first thing to do before purchasing eyeglasses whether online or in-store, is to get a prescription from your eye doctor, optometrist or ophthalmologist. Once your doctor has determined the proper diopter strength and pupillary distance for your prescription, you can head online to your favourite store and choose a frame style based on your taste and preference. Eyewear Canada offers you the option to order any eyeglass frames and customize them with your prescribed diopter Rx strength.

What do prescription glasses do?

Prescription glasses are medical devices that correct your vision by allowing your eye to project light on the right spot in your retina. The correct lenses compensate for your eye's inability to focus an image onto the retina.

How severe is my glasses prescription?

A prescription between +/-.025 to +/-2.00 is considered mild, the range between +/-2.25 to +/-5.00 is considered moderate, and anything greater than +/-5.00 is considered severe.

How long should it take to adjust to my new eyeglass prescription?

The adjustment period depends on various factors. If you are a first-time glasses wearer, it could take up to two weeks to adjust to your new visual aids.

What does the protection plan cover with my prescription glasses?

The protection plan covers any accidental damage or defects for 2 years. If you have any issues, please contact Customer Service to get your prescription glasses replaced, free of charge.

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